cow parsley and aldercone dyes

cow parsley dye

on the left: original white, cowparsley yellow;
upper right: aldercone/tea dye, the fabrics were washed, dried and then added to the cowparsley dye: greenish yellow
lower right: aldercone/tea leaves dye: pale brown, with seam-resist-effect.
No mordant was used, all the fabrics have been washed with water and soap. I deliberately left the seams in during the dye to get different shades.
The aldercones,
 tartaric acid, left-over tea leaves were covered in water which was brought to the boil,  simmered for appr. half an hour and then the cloth was added and left to simmer for roughly half an hour. After cooling, the fabrics were washed with water and soap until water ran clear.
The cowparsley was roughly chopped, poured over with boiling water, left to simmer for about half an hour, the (dyed) fabrics were added and left to simmer for half and hour and left overnight (in pan, not on the gas). Rinsed and washed with water and soap until water was clear.

cow parsley yellow added to the goat wool collection, a couple more colours and I can start knitting a striped scarf.


jan said…
well! what a fantastic result from cow parsley! As soon as the plant starts coming through on the field near me, I'll get out and have an experiment. Thanks for showing us the lovely colours. Feel inspired again! Best wishes Jan
Saskia said…
it is indeed very rewarding



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