this is exciting

the first dye result was rather disappointing after I added fresh comfrey leaves and cow parsley cuttings to the first dye mixture, brought it all to the boil again and now the jacket has been soaking in the bucket since yesterday, with copper pipes for extra umpf and the sleeves are wrapped and tied around rusty bottle caps......will leave till thursday at least (if I can)


Anonymous said…
let's see if you can wait!!
did you get the shirt wet before
beginning the
think not?, just let it wick
the dye bath dry? i love it
hanging over/into the pot...
i just now started two Elderberry
leaf copper and one
cast iron. i'm slow getting
started this season, but now
it's underway.
Saskia said…
hiya ladies, the jacket is still hanging in there...and no I did not wet the mordant whatsoever; will see how it turns out, ha.
elderberry leaves, yey, we have those growing in abundance around here, will start gathering those as well. the temperature here has risen dramatically, so good news for dyeing pots!



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