dyeing yet again

mossy aldercones, torn comfrey leaves, chopped cowparsley, water and tartaric acid all together into the mix

Boro shirt soaking up the juices

BTW 49 years old today!


jan said…
Hi Saskia, what is the 'Boro' project I keep reading about? I've been on Jude's blog, but can't find references. There's the student folders; but I'm not one of her students, so I can't access the info, which is fair enough. Could you give me a brief explanation please? Ta Jan
Saskia said…
hi Jan, the Contemporary Boro class in a nutshell is a class about reworking/repairing/restyling (old/worn/new) items of clothing to fit your personal lifestyle; Boro = rag, is a Japanese term: people used to have to make do, a kimono would be turned into a quilt or an item of clothing for peasants with patches, darns etc. to 'keep on going'.

Quote from video mentioned below: ...."The Boro movement was a period in Japanese history about 100-150 years ago when peasants constructed quilts, coverlets, and work clothes made from recycled Japanese kimonos and yucatas. Not conceiving of the present-day value and interest towards recyclability or renewability, but instead the practical needs of people too poor to afford new clothing, these garments defined fashion for the lower classes for many years as they sought comfort, warmth, and protection from the elements."
The video I watched is: Part One - Boro: Japanese Rag Textiles from shabby to chic, with Yoshiko I. Wada and Kim Shufftan. (I'm afraid I could not make a link), bye Saskia
OH, happy birthday to YOU!
49 is a good age...i liked 49 a
and i love your camp stove....
are you going to make a Rocket
jan said…
Ahh! That makes sense! I saw an exhibition of Japanese Sashiko stitching about 3 years ago, which took my breath away, and was one of the impetus(es) for experimenting with textiles. Sashiko also used and re-used the fabric from clothing, to bedspreads, to rugs, to cleaning rags. Another reason I became very intrigued by it. Thank you Saskia. Jan....and happy birthday!
Saskia said…
Hi Grace, thank you, 49 feels like a very good age! and yes I do want to build a rocket stove (better for the environment and better for my purse: we have so much wood 'lying around')

and Jan, thank you too; I am going to look at Sashiko as well, the Japanese textiles appear to be very interesting!
Anonymous said…
Happy Belated birthday!!! Agree with Grace, 49 was a very good year!! I am really enjoying seeing the scenes of your 'dye studio'... am hoping to hop on this bandwagon this summer and your pictures help orient me.



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