still haven't quite arrived; the day started cold and grey, luckily the sun came through during the afternoon, we lit an outdoor fire and I weeded here & there in the jungle; the dog managed to run away three times today, he was literally howling for a mystery trying to make a start in Jude's class, as I mentioned: have not landed just yet.


jan said…
Hi, I've just found your blog; I was looking for information on dyeing using cow parsley, and have put a comment on your entry where you dyed the fabric a lovely yellow!
I've just connected to 'follow' your blog. I look forward to reading your posts, and having a look back at what you've written already.
Nice photos of things!
Saskia said…
commenting on my own post: what occurred to me whilst walking the dog this evening: the drawing's a memory of my holiday and the white squares are a memory of the bits that were once stitched on; I didn't realise this yesterday, now I see the connection



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