another book!

I challenged myself to make optimal use of an A4 piece of paper and after having made the word-document, knowing how many pages I had which would fit the woolen cover I had chosen, I could fold the mock-up. Marking them accordingly I knew which pages had to be printed next to each other and I made another word-document which seemed to make no sense, if you catch my drift.
I proceeded to print the book pages onto four A4 Canson sheets, making it a proper page turner;-)
It was almost more than my brain could process! It took me several days, many tea breaks, mistakes and re-takes. I asked myself 'why?' on more than one occasion 

finally folded and doubly checked: are the pages really in the right order?
yes they are! I went to bed

next day however

despite my final check, I had magically managed to switch the pages whilst carrying them from my workbench to my desk where I could sit and puncture the holes with an awl and sew them together. I ended up having sewn them in the wrong order. Of course once I started reading I realised my mistake. I had to undo the knot, fiddly work that.....


Mr.Mole's glass house dangling at the bottom of The Dwelling

Mr. Mole and PlasticFrog have shacked up there.
 Our mole's quite the collector: he surrounds himself with feathers, dried lavender, beach flotsam. They keep to themselves and especially in Winter like to remain aloof down below.

link to Mr.Mole's tale here

back to the book:

it measures 15 x 17 cm, closed;
felted wool, black waxed linen thread, Canson fine grain 90g/m² paper (it's a creamy colour)

more or less followed Esther K. Smith's Basic Three-holed Pamphlet

center fold

to conclude: I like it, the combination of paper and cloth works well here for this particular tale together with the print/photo's; I love the simple but highly effective three-holed pamphlet
will experiment more


Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia))) Mr Mole's tale is a little beauty!
am thinking how it must FEEL to be making these small BOOKS
Liz A said…
I love the fiddle-y-ness of this ... how you absolutely "own" the knowledge of the making having worked through it this way

and that cover ... and Mole in the middle ... simply wondrous
Saskia said…
thank you Mo, have been preoccupied this past week with our ailing's up & downs have me reeling all over the place........
Grace, it feels great and is very gratifying....the critters love the books as well and hope I will attempt even smaller versions for The Dwelling's Liz, even more fiddle-y-ness to look forward to, thank you for your words of encouragement



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