yet another booklet

  A second, simpler version of the same story plus illustrations.
I will not be making more like this one as I only had two ready-made leporello's or accordions. From now on I will be making my own! with the help of this wonderful book I bought (one year ago? I forgot to write the date of receipt in it, have I posted about it? I can't's awful how much I forget these days).

Doesn't matter, the book is here chock-a-block with seemingly easy to follow instructions on how to construct several types of books, hurray. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been wanting to make books for a long time.....just didn't quite manage before - apart from the couple I made as a child. That must have been why I bought Esther K. Smith's one online

There is truth to be found amid the teabags;
I drink copious amounts of black tea with raw milk a day; we buy the raw milk from a local farmer who also makes raw-milk-cheeses, otherwise known as farmer's cheese.

 hope this isn't too boring, but for the sake of registering as much as possible I am showing all the pages.....plain prints using wall-paper glue, fixing them as smoothly as possible, just to see what an actual printed book might look like; the quality of the colours is rather abominable due to printer issues

I do like this image of them lying side by side

meanwhile I am having fun drawing the critters, well wouldn't you with such patient and playful models?

OBK & Tom Cat with Jude's lion, Saumon Rose and a photograph of our protagonists just behind them, they feel flattered & flustered by all the attention!


Mo Crow said…
I love making books, testing paper quality is very important when printing digitally, for the best B&W reproduction I recommend Red River 50lb. Premium Matte Double Sided (you can nominate whether you want short or long grain) expensive to import but well worth it, for colour reproduction I use Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Satin or Moab Somerset Museum Rag
Saskia said…
great tips Mo! thank you so much....I now want to learn about book making, maybe a follow a course......I'm excited and energized
deemallon said…
Also for the blog it’d be great to photo text straight on so it’s more legible. I read every word and loved it. You have such a strong voice — there’s humor in it, some of the timelessness of fairy tales, and the warm progression of relationships. And of course — the illustrations! Can’t tell which I love more — the stories I’d the pictures.
Saskia said…
'duh, Saskia' I should and could have Dee....but I wasn't thinking straight!
whereas in my previous post I had given the link to the original post with the story....anyhow, thx for your support....and feedback, this means so much to me. I think I'm finally finding the sweet spot where words and images match and complement each other
Nancy said…
Saskia~ Everything Dee said so well :) Your storytelling has always captured my heart, as have your delightful drawings/paintings. I am now imagining a whole series of accordion books about The Dwelling and the folks that reside and come or go from there. Part photographs, part watercolored drawings...all heart! I could read/view your work forever! xo
Liz A said…
I have dallied on book-making ... glad you just did it!!
Saskia said…
dear Nancy, you are one of my most loyal and passionate fans! I hope you know and feel how much that matters....your ongoing support helps me stay on track and keep believing in the small stories I have to share with 'the world' Namasté xx

oh I know that so well Liz, how I can (for years!) say I want to be doing something, but don't get round to actually doing husband says: if you're not doing it now, you might not really want to....
So my question to you is: do you really want to, and if the answer is YES, what's holding you back? (if no, well, there you have it) I do hope I'm not being too forward here Liz, but sometimes the right question helps one along.....Xx
Liz A said…
S - your question is a good one and appreciated ... and easily answered (too easily, I'm afraid) ... how I too often let my "wants" get pushed out of the way by the "shoulds" in my life: I should clean the house first ... I should go to _______ because someone will be disappointed if I do not ... I should make lunch/dinner, go food shopping, put gas in the car, do another load of laundry ... oh, what a list!

And then there's this: inertia ... the simple fear of getting started ... and the mind-sucking reality of screens (phones, computers, TVs ... all of them)

So thank you for helping me along ... at least I can't say I didn't give it a thought ... now, what am I to do with it?
Nancy said…
Liz~ All very good reasons!
Saskia said…
wow Liz, thanks for considering my (blunt) questions..... I am no stranger to putting off what I want to do and instead succumb to what I 'should be doing' too, for all the same reasons you state; sometimes because it's easier, other times because I'm afraid I might disappoint myself with the result....or because I don't know how or where to start....I have all kinds of tricks to get me going: I need tea to get started and keep on going, I have to listen to a podcast on the BBC, or maybe have a Netflix series on the go in the background, of which I then lose track if I get really submerged in the process of making....and I know that I'll feel so much better if I have gone for the what-I-want-to-do thing instead of the should-have-done-stuff; if I'm lucky the cleaning&tidying-up is the what-I-want-to-do thing, keeps the house in order;-)
I'm sure you have some tricks of your own up your sleeve and who knows we'll soon see a book born of your hands soon, sending love Xx namasté



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