a very good day

I always love this particular spot on the (cycling)path into the woods, looking to the right (South) the reflection of all the elements 
- images above and below -

Looking towards the left (North) the view across the water to the red-roofed farm, which is situated opposite our house

On our way back two swans in the water, alas my phone camera just isn't good enough to get a good close up

Back in the studio I went in search of the two swans who reside in the Dwelling......
Ha, there they are waiting patiently to get into the bath: one on the loo and the other in the wash basin. Apparently it's Hippo's turn for a bath. It might seem brutally cruel him holding the pelican Pecannilly in his mouth like that. Trust me when I say he's a vegetarian (unlike me) and does not intend to eat the pelican.
'Why is he clutching him like this?' you may ask. As he himself cannot answer for obvious reasons, Pecannilly obliges and just about manages to squeak a reply: 'I'm terrified of water, however for hygiene's sake I have to have the occasional soak and Hippo helps me in this rather awkward manner....it works a treat....I then nibble the teeny tiny bugs off his back'
Ah well, now we know. 

A peak at the next book cover, for the Mr.Mole tale

I had a different one in mind, a combination of black linen and grey velvet, and sat sewing the bits together yesterday, but was not satisfied with the result, not at all. I walked about a bit in the studio wondering what to do now as my eye fell upon this bit of wool sample, washed, shrunk and felted, hence extremely tactile, soft and so warm-welcoming for a mole..... I abandoned my first idea for the book cover and will use this woolen one instead 

I'll keep you posted;-)


deemallon said…
Such pretty shots of the water! And the thought of a swan on the loo makes me smile!
Mo Crow said…
love seeing the gentle colours your watery world & the preview for your Mr Mole book's cover!
Nancy said…
Saskia~ Those trees, lacy against the sky, falling below into the still waters. Beautiful. I love the look of the chosen book cover, cozy sounds fitting. I look forward to seeing it evolve :) xo
Liz A said…
that cover does indeed look like a place a mole would love to be
Saskia said…
swans on loos tend to do that for me too Dee;-)

Mr. Mole now says he wants it as a blanket, Mo; says he's not interested in a book!

am struggling with the lay-out Nancy, will probably be boring you all with the details in a later post...and yes the trees have a pure beauty of their own this season

not too loud Liz, Mr.Mole agrees with you and can be quite forceful....



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