slow going

well hello there stranger! care to join up?

it is what I supposed it had to be : two slugs mating, I checked on Google images and hey there were hundreds of them 'at it'

oh those snails and slugs are just so interesting; I received a very funny and illuminating link from Nancy (thank you again Nancy) the other day, click here and off you go to the wondrous world of little-door-building by snails!

 a slow process of a different kind: the weaving of grids.
I tried to make a grid not thinking it through due to lack of weaving experience
 the warp is a single thread and of course only visible every other row of weft threads; my knowledge of the proper terminology is minimal, please bare with me 
 the idea is to integrate the woolen woven square and the cotton and linen pieces: mixed media, ha
the colours work really well as they're all plant dyed, except the blues and greens: shop bought wool
the idea sprang to mind last night as I was almost asleep: place the wool in the midst and use the loose ends to weave into the fabrics on either side; as with many plans in one's mind, the practicalities are challenging....and present new problems, such as how to attach pieces of fabric above and below, because I don't want a piece of fabric covering the whole of the back, I want to be able to look through the woven square and the whole to become a two-sided piece, oh wow it's not easy at this stage....but all of a sudden I realise how it can be done: a rectangle with a square cut out where the wool is going to go and I can sew the other bits around the frame!


Nancy said…
OK, so snail mating pics are a bit ... a bit too gooey for me!! Hahaha Glad you liked the link and shared it here.
But the weaving, YES...the weaving! Love it! It looks great. I have one started in a similar way, with the fabric surround. But, I like your idea of the hole. I'll have to dig it out and see what I did with mine!
Saskia said…
oh well, I guess they're not everybody's cup of tea, Nancy;-)
I am very curious to see your weave-with-fabric-surround
Anonymous said…
interesting to see what you are up to! expanding on the grid idea. I love how you are stitching with the ends of the yarns...
Saskia said…
ah yes Dee, this grid theme has me hooked and I even look at older unfinished pieces and now see ways for continuing and dare I say it, finishing them!
If I had thought things through before, i would have left the ends of the yarns a lot longer, however this is where it is now and maybe the next one will be better, or at least better prepared.....



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