the walnuts are beginning to drop from their branches and I manage to collect a few every morning; the skins have found a new home in the black bean dye pot; will the blue turn a darker shade or will it all become brown I wonder? green perhaps, that would be nice
will probably do some over-dyeing on the summer/spring dyed fabric scraps to bring them too into fall, not an over-all dye, just patches with the clamping technique I saw in Jude's class


here, along with my shovel, my
good clamp is missing. hmmmm
Saskia said…
LOL Grace, oh the tools of the trade and how we manage to lose them, good booktitle, no;-)
jan said…
Despite sending out a call for walnuts I've not managed to succeed in getting any. None in the grocers or supermarkets either. Glad you have a tree Saskia. None seem to be nearby, here in Wakefield. Ah well. Learn to live with it.
Saskia said…
hi Jan, I don't have a walnut tree, but there are many nearby; therefore also many other gatherers who come to collect the fallen fruits......when it comes to walnuts, it's a dog-eat-dog world out there!
jan said…
I've asked my local grocer if he can get any from the wholesalers; I'll find out later this week. X my fingers.

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