gathering thoughts

after having read a book like The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith, after watching Wonders of Life on the BBC last night, whilst studying the bible, connecting the dots, jumping over gaps in my knowledge I have come to see certain truths

everything we eat is solar energy, all be it in a round-about way, combined with carbon
all living beings contain carbon
everything living/dead is connected through carbon and the sun
we're all there in the same incredibly huge, many branched tree

I find this fascinating and I'm sure I don't understand the half of it (probably a lot less) nevertheless it is totally fascinating; for many years I've been painting trees and suns without this knowledge, now I see there is a connection, making things is an attempt at making connections with everything else, making sense of my life, how absurd

written: 11 feb 2013

reread today, sept 19 and still consider the above a valid point of view

addendum: we're watching the series Breaking Bad in mega-sessions on dvd (we had somehow missed watching it on telly) and Walter the main character, who is a chemistry teacher also mentions the carbon bit in one of the episodes, how carbon is what connects us all and I was like: yes I know this now, ha, I do. Fifty and every day, EVERY day I learn something new (remembering is the challenge these days) so maybe I re-learn every day............
I am the long-legged mosquito and he is me and we've both landed on a prickly spot;-)


Julie S said…
When I make my eyes go fuzzy, this photo evokes so many of your cloths, the palette and the delicate lines. Try it!
Saskia said…
thx for the tip



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