a hot september morning

no spider in sight

a different spider has pulled the tip of a blade of grass in a circle and made a 'hold all' of sorts, quite beautiful 

an apple star, the result of the top half having been chewed away by mice, or perhaps birds too could have pecked at it; basket bottom found in the flower bed, weather proven


Nancy said…
Love the web. They're so hard to capture (for me)!
this spider's HoldAll....
i've never seen this before...
i wonder if it's "new"?????
as in an evolutionary leap?
Saskia said…
the season of the cross spiders (this is what we call them for the white cross on their backs)is upon us once more, I must take some pics for you two gaze at

The hold-all in this particular shape is rather special, isn't it?! I have seen spiders' storage webs containing their eggs and their prey
jude said…
love the basket bottom. i have so many like this because i keep a lot of them outside and the bottoms fall out after a while.
Saskia said…
I thought of you Jude, when I found it



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