is there anybody out there?

Up until now there's been one virtual comment, I'am glad to say that people in the real world have commented (positively) so I realise there are readers out there! Thank you All.
Should it matter? I suppose not, we are basically alone; I spend a lot of my time alone, however do not feel lonely most of the time. Felt the urge to share this.

As Samuel Beckett wrote, there are a few certainties in life: we are born, we live and die and for reasons unknown to oneself cannot keep silent.
had an enjoyable walk this morning with Tungsten, he's now snoring next to the fire in my studio.
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jude said…
your name is not linked to you blog when you comment on mine, so it is hard for folks to find you, you need to fix that.
Saskia said…
thanks, have to find out how to do that....



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