cup of tea with a message

I found an old piece of embroidered linnen I made ca. 20 years ago with  a special needle I bought in Nepal. My husband (then boyfriend) and I travelled there in october/november 1992, a year after we met eachother.
An important step on the path we chose to travel together.
There are some stains on the linnen, and I never finished it, however I like it as it is. The so-called backside has the flat stitches and the frontside has a fluffy, carpetlike feel; thanks to the special needles.

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jude said…
this would be a grand center panel for a larger cloth
Saskia said…
mmm......a seed has been planted; thank you for your comments, it means a lot to me.
Nancy said…
Oh my goodness...I love those colors! Is it like needle-punch? It looks like a color map of the human brain to me :)
Nancy said…
OOOps...forgot to say, love the birds! Is it a mug?
saskia said…
yes the birds belong to a mug by Emma Bridgewater; I don't know what needle-punch is... I like the idea of it being a map of a (human) brain and so another seed has been planted, thanks



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