then there were 7

appr. A4 size and 30x40cm unframed

the tree at the bottom right might be considered a Tree of Death, as the Le Tampographe Sardon stamp of a dead bird is lying at the top of the tree and the grey circles could be seen as shadows-fruits; I only just noticed they mention it here: 

'The Mexican Trees of Life traditionally represent the myth of Adam and Eve’s banishment from Earth but interpreted through indigenous religious beliefs. They also represent Earth’s fertility, which involves dying to be reborn. The tree form is now used to depict many different stories including trees of death.'

 information found on Milagros' shop site here

not 7 trees, but 8

 I made another one today using a paste paper recipe from Mark Hearld's book 'Raucous Invention: the Joy of Making' one of my favourite books 
I don't think I mixed the corn flour and water properly 'cos I still had tiny lumps after having mixed in the pigments, I started with vert foncé ardoise adding a bit of Viking green and then after a disappointing green result on the paper, I mixed in some indigo and smeared on more paint, with all those tiny granules still showing, so I got to rubbing it off again, just to get a smoother surface and decided to scratch a tree into the moist paint, did some more rubbing and I then glued on the cut-out tree (which I had cut out in the first place 'cos I was not happy with the result)
by that time it had become like a tree-of-life&death
the after-life, or maybe spirit life superimposed by life, detail:

apologies for the poor quality of these photo's ! they are all framed and extra lighting causes too much reflections on the glass
hope you enjoy 


deemallon said…
The necessity of remixing and scraping (a “mistake”) made for a haunting result.
Saskia said…
mistakes always force me to work harder and learn more Dee, 'I therefore embrace them!' she said rather too loud.....
jude said…
i live for mistakes
Judy Martin said…
oh wow, I love your trees - life and death - all of it.
thank you for your work xo
Saskia said…
maybe it's all one happy mistake Jude....
Saskia said…
thank you Judy, I'm honoured you love it xxx



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