life at home and a few days Paris

One of the highlights of my life happened this Monday:

As I came downstairs into the kitchen I noticed a Great Tit lying on the floor, all flustered and panicky. I imagine he had tried to fly back out again through the windows, and of course failed. I picked him up gently and held him between my two hands as we walked outside. I lay down with him and opened my hands, making cooing, soothing sounds, as one does. He remained in my hand and his tiny claws gripped my fingers, it seemed he did not want to let go. After a while, in this not very comfortable position, I got up and managed to sit down in a chair with my hands in my lap and he leaned against my stomach. His breathing and heart beat had calmed down somewhat, but he was very vigilant, not towards me but our surroundings: as a pigeon flew over casting it's shadow over us, he flinched and when Viggo moved in our direction he hunched a bit lower still. All of a sudden he hopped from my lap onto the armrest, very aware of all that was happening around us. Then he hopped onto the top of my head, I could not believe it, I was delighted. Fortunately I had my phone with me so I could take a selfie of the two of us and then make a video, as of course I could not see self! Tada, he remained sitting there for a couple minutes more, oh my this was the best start of a week any one could wish for.

I thought I was going to report about our short trip to Paris & all the loveliness we experienced there, and the turmoils at home on our three-weeks-without-a-shower episode, which is too boring to record.
I will share photo's of Paris, 'cos it was so great to be back after 35 years....We, i.e. the husband & I (or is that me?) both decided it will be an annual event.

images in no particular order

painted with indigo pigment/Arabic gum bought at Sennelier's

'Mr.Mole trying to have a conversation with Dæd Bird'

view from our bedroom Hotel Américain, on the 7th floor, in le Marais

stamps bought at Le Tampographe Sardon, honestly I could have purchased half the shop!

Café de la Poste, where we ate breakfast every morning, day 2 we were considered regulars, as they knew our order and didn't have to pay entire bill!

some advice does not feel like criticism

especially excited about the indigo pigments, which smell awful btw, meaning that it's the real deal, or so they told me in the shop

petit déjeuner

tweet tweet



Nancy said…
Saskia~ Oh man! How wonderful! Will come back after work tonight to really absorb all of this post. That is a perfect pic of you! xo
Faith said…
What a wonderful experience! You must exude a wonderful sense of calm to be able to comfort a wild bird enough for it to stay around.

And Paris! Maybe someday . . .
Saskia said…
isn't it just absolutely great Nancy, I get a little jolt of joy every time I remember
Saskia said…
hi Faith, I'm not really a calm person, but I kinda sensed what to do. Have since spoken to others with similar experiences, except the-standing-on-the-head bit, that was extraordinary.....
Paris for you is a bit like visiting Oregon for me.....who knows some day;-)
CatherinE said…
Wonderful to see you and the bird! I bet you can still feel its little presence. And I really enjoyed your photos. I've never been to Paris but would love to go someday.
Nancy said…
Saskia~ Saturday morning here and I feel as if I've just traveled to Paris! The Museum looks fantastic and the graffiti filled fruit stand was filled with a sense of contradictions, it really caught my eye. How wonderful to feel like regulars on your travels - just adds to the experience I think.
And the sweet little bird! Wow! What a beauty, gentle soul. The patient you were and how alert to Everything the little bird was. I loved seeing the head tilt! It was really watching/listening to everything!
I'm enjoying your new stamp work a lot. Mole sure talks with his hands, doesn't he?! lol
What a joy-filled post this was. xo
Saskia said…
yes Catherine his presence lingers on, Paris lives up to it's glorious & romantic reputation and we always have fun with the French, I speak French having lived there aeons ago, this probably helps;-)
Saskia said…
boy you really zoom in Nancy, I hadn't really noticed the graffiti there, so taken in was I by these shops all over the place selling their fresh produce, the logistics of it all....I am going to take a closer look at all my photo's now!
yes talking with hands, I love painting them: all those tiny fingers, how they have a way of adding [unintended] expression to the figures
the hero of this post is of course that bird on my head, what a great adventure that was
Hazel said…
Bird moments, what a gift! This whole post is luscious. I've been listening to that video over and over, as it is one of the songs our singing group will be performing next week, how fun to see it here, too!
Saskia said…
a huge gift Hazel, not quite sure what song you are referring to as I only posted the video with bird and birdsong in background, whatever song it is I am sure you'll have fun performing together



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