quiet sunday

rainbow morning

a seriously meaningful cloth, of leaning onto each other, of seasonal change, of how one branch starts off as one thing and then becomes something else 

I have removed all the blocks of stitches and am replacing those with fluid more organic lines

what's keeping you?
walk's not over yet!


Nancy said…
I so do love to see your world, dog included. I show these photos to J.~ for cloth is nice to him...but dogs and the land...now that's his ticket!! Love the rainbow and welcome-call-to-you arched opening.
As for this cloth, It IS a beauty and I can see where meaning would come. The fine lightness of color is so beautiful. Have you talked about this before...in the second photo (which BTW I like seeing it on the pavement with leaves) - I see the shape of a woman's hips. I see the tree as so womanly, giving birth to the animals, if you will. I hadn't noticed that before. It sure is a keeper Saskia.
Dana said…
Fluid is right. This is a tree of rivers. It offers so much to look at and sink into.
Mo Crow said…
Beauty Full ! will some of the grid will stay put to anchor the swirling?
Saskia said…
well Nancy, I hadn't noticed the tree was female, there you go: giving birth no less to a dog, a bird, a magical animal and of course baby-trees. Thx for seeing this!
Dana, well put, as you know we are surrounded by rivers, and water flowing in many different ways
Thx Mo, yes the grid will remain
Maria buysse said…
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