Cuarteto Quiroga & Nostos String quartet

 fuzzy impressions of the Cuarteto Quiroga above and the Nostos String quartet below in the Blue Note auditorium at the Amsterdam Conservatory this afternoon; 
which is where we (i.e. Husband, brother-in-law, sister, friends J & N and self) were for the Quiroga quartet's latest COBRA-CD release, titled 'Frei aber einsam'.
This was followed by a masterclass the Quiroga four gave to the Nostos quartet. I have never witnessed such a masterclass live before, and it is pretty brutal, in a good way! They don't waste time apologizing for their criticism and the four young men took it all in their stride, eager as they were to learn from the four masters. 
After each remark they were politely asked to play again and you could hear and sense the improvement, wonderful.
The reason we were present was because my sister invited us, she co-owns a classic record label COBRA. I have to admit being quite proud of her.

I believe I have mentioned this before, however I want to share once more: experiencing live music is good for the soul


Maria buysse said…
yes that's truth good for the soul , wish you joy-full days
we have walked beautifull leave fall on the " Schelde " river .
Nancy said…
Ah, to spend time with fine people and good music :) Sounds grand.
Saskia said…
hi Maria: you have created an identity, haha, join the group.

oh Nancy, it was!



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