hand made

upon entering the studio this morning we were greeted with a 'hullo there, did you miss me darlin'?'
our guardian-toad was actually standing guard on the doorstep.

'ah well, I guess I have, that's to say, I was wondering if you were still in the studio and if so, where and now here you are; so good morning to you too.'

mixing media with the cut-off
held the cloth in front of self, and it became a chastity belt of sorts, or a very short skirt-thingy, possibly to be worn over a legging; although I will have to add bits of fabric both lengthwise and 'round the back-bottom covering area 

bird dish made by my dad


Ms. said…
Can't be a chastity belt unless it's got a crotch part that locks so maybe a decorative hip hugger. LOVE your dads bird dish!
Saskia said…
hip hugger: great word! so much more inviting; and yes, I too love this dish
Mo Crow said…
beautiful integration of materials
Debbie said…
what a special way of using the feathers, and a still life using your Dad's dish, wonderful
Saskia said…
oh thanks Mo, you should know!
Debbie, this is I believe my favourite piece of his



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