whenever we walk here, I feel excited: what will happen today? this morning we were surrounded by bird song: it was as if all the birds were answering each others' calls, no other sounds, bliss.

 today was a hat day, I'm wearing my reading glasses or else I can't see what the H... I'm doing whilst making a selfie; some days I need my aides more than others.......
 reworking this small cloth, called 'A Walk with the Dog' the Dog is still unsewn. Funny I always considered that it should be with the green bit on top, however whilst photographing I realised the green should be grounded


Maria buysse said…
lovely is that a personal chore
here the trees around or hous start to became GOLD
we waiting for the sun .... there are lots of clouds and mist
yes no anonymous anymore ( i learn !!!)
zalige herfstgroetjes
Mo Crow said…
love how the soft watery colours of your land and cloth are reflected in your clothes and glasses Ssskia!
Liz A said…
It's amazing how different ... and how very right ... the cloth looks as upside down becomes right side up
Ms. said…
The landscape is almost as beautiful as you.
Nice cloth.
Nancy said…
So glad the birds sang to you in your happy place. The cloth works any way...can't wait to see the dog! And you...look at you in your hat and glasses!! You look fabulous! Sorta like a female Indiana Jones - ready to take on any adventure!
Hugs, Nancy
Yvette said…
hihi maria is niet meer anoniem!
dank voor je mooie reactie op mijn blog!
jude said…
now it seems to grow.
Saskia said…
hi Maria, the mist continues into today, as does the golden leaf-light.

the landscape is infusing itself into everything, Mo

what a difference a twist makes, Liz

thank you Michelle:-)

oh well Nancy, my adventures are rather small scale, however as I have always said, my life is huge and fantabulous within my square centimeter.

heel graag gedaan Yvette

as it should, Jude

Anonymous said…
love to see you. with or without glasses. I, too, am helpless without them anymore.



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