last week's beautiful flowers are fading rapidly, look how the reddish pink has turned to stripes; never one to pass up on a dyeing experiment, I have gathered the petals and wrapped them up in a soy-mordanted piece of cotton I happened to have prepared (!) it has gone into an avocado-onion-peel-dye (leftovers form yesterday's salad) will check on it Sunday; meanwhile after pottering about in kitchen and in front of the computer with several cups of coffee I finally ventured out and went for a long walk all by myself - it still can feel awkward getting started without Tungsten -  in the pics below you can see where I came from on the left, behind the tree line; on the right where I'm heading along a path that runs through the golf course and is a public footpath, towards the nearby village of Spijk; I met a lady on said path, who was blowing her whistle with a passion as her dog, a black labrador, had fled off in pursuit of a hare (which we all know is a futile attempt, but lots of fun for the dog, I'm not so sure the hare sees it the same way) she was running wild on the golf course which is not as it should be, eventually the dog heard the whistle and swam across the water to return to her owner, a very good dog indeed! The lady explained to me she had found her on a site for labs-looking-for-new-homes, which sounds very promising in our own dog-quest, I will discuss this with the family as soon as we all manage to be home at the same moment in time

on my way back I encountered two delightful companions, who accompanied me all the way home; the walk didn't turn out quite as lonely as I had imagined it would be
p.s. they have decided to stay for a while, hurray


Nancy said…
"feel awkward getting started "

What a great thought phrase :)
This can apply to so many different things in our lives, I think. But, once we get going...well, then we just continue and keep going and it is ok. Mmmm...this is one to ponder more. Why s the getting started such a challenge sometimes?
Saskia said…
why indeed? if and when I have the answer, I'll be sure to let you know Nancy
jan said…
Am glad you're looking at a 'dog-quest' Saskia. I'm sure the right one is out there doing a 'Saskia-quest' X



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