birds mainly

 the avocado/onion peel dye turned out surprisingly pale (not to say drab) and I decided to spruce it up with a print; the cloth was still damp after washing and as the piece was too wide to fit through the press I folded it over twice, hence the faded print next to the crisp print in the middle:

BirdBoy has embraced in the most literal sense the two newcomers, Bweetle and Twoad: they share a bed, his bed; there is nothing like living in close proximity to each other, you see, hear, feel and smell everything about one another; looking at this picture I see the crack in BirdBoy's head and the metal wire repair, the vertebrae on Twoad's back and the twisted legs on Bweetle, these things move me, I am looking in a mirror, for a moment I am aware of an unspeakable sadness within, such as Jude has mentioned here

The cow parsley/sorrel dye resulted in a very pale yellowy-beige and the spots were still too dominant I felt, so I again opted for a print to jazz it up, on the left a darker surround, on the right again the print has 'leaked' through onto the folded fabric, it was only afterwards did I think to tear the fabric in half, duh; all the bird prints were freshly pressed onto the fabric (as in: no folding over, and the cloth was dry) 

note: I used commercial textile paints for all of the prints, these were fixed by ironing. 


Patty said…
Exciting makings! Love the plump,
happy bird print. I'm tempted to
print some fabric while it's so
lovely outside.
Nancy said…
Oh Sax! That image against the blue of the house...this cloth is gorgeous! So earthy :)
And your newcomers, so at home now. You have a way of holding, of honoring the living and the no-longer-so. It is always an adventure to come here.
these cloths are really Fine...
and how it's always good when
things don't quite work how we'd
imagined...causing us to go
further than we'd imagined....
this is a dumb question, but i know so little about printing....
you carved the block ? the
print images on a block? the
design is beautyfull and so
perfectly done
Saskia said…
thanks Patty, I do love birds
hi Nancy, ah yes the blue and earthy colours go really well together; the no-longer-with-us leave an imprint, is this (part of) a soul?
Absolutely Grace, the unforseeable is what I look forward to in dyeing; in answer to your question see Friday's post (btw NOT a dumb question)



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