more dye results, from left to right: cow parsley/sorrel dye wrapped 'round copper pipe: bright yellow; coin clamp from avocado/onion peel dye: pale pinks and spots of blue; another yellow strip: same as first one; washer-clamp-cloth from avocado/onion peel vat, again more shades of pink and grey with hollow circles.....
new lino cut, I am so happy with this square shaped print: the dog barking up the tree, the bird perched on the tree branch, the watchful hare waiting to see what might occur

first print on paper, second one on cotton; might need a little tweak here and there, do they need eyes I wonder

of course there had to be a hare, it's easter!


Nancy said…
Love Love Love this print! It is wonderful as is (I think). The dyed cloth looks so nice hanging out with the green and the awesomeness of your shelf creation :)
jan said…
Ah....beautiful Saskia. I never thought about the eyes 'missing' until you queried it. What I did think was how well you had captured the essence, (or 'jis' when referring to a bird, and how one can recognise a bird species by their particular shape) of each creature.
Marti said…
Saskia, I love looking at the row of dyed cloths, especially 2nd cloth. I've gotten some pretty wild bright golds/yellows from yellow onion skins on cloth that had no mordant except for a brief time in a copper pot. Got cloth at an estate sale, not sure it is 100% cotton, plus has a thread design, soaked up color but that bright onion yellow is too much, dipped it in grayish purple dye soup, then in diluted walnut plus wrapped it around a rusty can and still that GOLD shouted at me so for the first time ever, I discarded the cloth by shredding it and tossed it into the wind for birds to use, shredding it muted the colors but somewhere there may be a nest with a bit of gold shining through !

And the lino cut: all things to love, tree, bird, hare and most of all dog who to me is Tungsten come to frolic in the spring days.,
Saskia said…
Thank you Nancy, I love it too, mainly because of the dog!
hi Jan, thank you to you too, I didn't make eyes after all, just made the hare lose a bit of weight, ha
Marti, yes it is Tungsten in his younger years, such a good loving dog; I do wish there were pics of your dyeing pots/results/adventures, it all sounds very interesting, I would love to see more of what you talk about here!



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