'give peace a chance'

 said the soldier to the hare: 
'HoneyHare let's make Love (not War)'   

how it looks with the glass pane, lots of reflections which I like, as it adds a bit of mystery, an extra layer, but does not make photography easy

the wood, the glass, the black paper: all remnants collected here&there; the grey and brown inks are home-brews; the love-pigeon stamp is one I found in my mama's stamp tin! you may catch glimpses of my grandad's handwriting in the speech-ballons; he used to send my gran lots of postcards, I think because she collected them, something we don't know but I did find loads my parents had kept in a big box in their attic for over thirty years. 
the olive branch bearing pigeon flew in a couple of years back all the way from Julie, over at Threading the Dog

I love it when other things are drawn to a tableau, the moss with tiny beaker-like extensions and a piglet who just happened to trot pass

I have no words, John Lennon and Yoko Ono do


deemallon said…
Your work is museum quality. Love 💕
Saskia said…
love back at you!
your support helps keep me upright
Nancy said…
Saskia~ I agree with Dee! Your work continues to grow and evolve and remain fresh, no matter what you're creating. Love this and what a great video/song choice to go along with your art story. As soon as I saw the video, I thought of how it would have fit in with my last post! Love to you.
Saskia said…
growing and evolving at 58 is not a bad thing Nancy;-)
I love John & Yoko



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