'Me and My Baby'

 ‘Dear BunnieRabbit, why so unkind? You cannot stay mad with me, lest my heart break.’

‘Oh BlackBird, but surely I am entitled to stay mad for a little while longer, and torment you just a tad.

For you yourself have been wandering for such a long time now, leaving me all alone here…..’

‘Prey forgive me darling Bunnie, let’s make up and kisssss, for see,’ BlackBird replies

‘Do I not come bearing gifts: a shiny shell from Greece, fleece from Hadrian’s wall, a woodcock’s feather from the Isle of Lewes.’ The Bird heaved a sigh and carried on,

‘Tulips from Amsterdam, and a small Birdie for you to hold and keep you company whenever I must fly o’er North & South on my travels.’

Rabbit swoons and sways……but remains silent.

‘Dearest Rabbit, what say you, ‘tis full moon, let us kiss and make love under the stars till the sun rises once more….’

At last Bunnie opens the door inviting BlackBird in, declaring: ‘Oh I don’t know it has to be áll night BlackBird, but okay then, enter and I’ll make us a hot cocoa for starters.’


Just another short Tale from The BirdHut

24 February 2022  Saskia van Herwaarden©

dimensions: appr.25x25cm

because I'm a fan sharing this video
ten years after: Cricklewood Green, 
'me and my baby' is one of the songs on this album


i was hoping it was a matter of time
Nancy said…
Saskia~ Oh this is so delightful!!! I thought of Grace while looking at the pics :) Life is a story! xo
buysse maria said…
i like the stair , ik herken het karton waar hij is van gemaakt, bij het konijn dacht ik aan een kagoroe ....groetjes
Saskia said…
....and sometimes hoping pays off Grace;-)
Saskia said…
so many stories Nancy
Saskia said…
dag Maria, de trap is een uitknipsel uit een tijdschrift, oh kangaroos....wie weet wanneer zijn mee gaan doen!
Saskia said…
a little swoon can go a long way Dee;-)



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