a very productive week, or how I spent my quarantine

watery mix to which I added a dash of blue Quink, an old bottle I found in my dad's study

a dead finch Viggo found in our garden
Nature is not kind, it just Is
I'm working on a book full of questions and what we call Nature is featured as well, that's all I can say now 

'do dogs dream? if so, what about?'

'weighing my options'

scrumptious antique letters and numbers, I love them
an idea that had been swirling in my head for a while now, so  I just went and bought them online

I'm into making series-of-sorts, which keep on going.....
like the one below I call 'Messages from the Past' as I'm painting figures over notes my parents made:

message no 1
message no 2
message no 3

 message no 4

message no 5

a wormcard I made after reading Grace's post


'yup, the fish I caught was this BIG'


not showing everything here because I haven't even made photo's of it all

After two regular jabs, topped off by a recent booster I caught the dreaded virus; yep both my husband and I tested positive. Our seven day quarantine had us cooped up together, which in our case is very much 'normal life' as we both work from home in our individual spaces. We did not feel very ill at all if I'm honest, 
like a very minor cold or maybe that was the vaccin working, it's also why we think it was omicron. Okay, so now we are super-immuun which is great.  I had lots of time on my hands and apart from walking outdoors, with or without husband and/or dogs, I spent most of it in my studio, playing with the letters and inks, and I finally got round to sprucing up The Dwelling, several rooms needed a make-over, especially OBK's as he wanted more private-room-space and it turned out having to stay at home was a really good thing as it was, of course, a lot more work than I had anticipated.
I made a video, you can click on the link here


deemallon said…
Such a delight of creatures and layers of meaning! I really am so impressed at how these inky figures are emerging. Like the addition of type

Hope you’re better soon!
Liz A said…
what Dee said ... the addition of type to your creatures is genius ... and I especially like the platform made by what looks to be the bottom of a letter K (or perhaps an R?) ... not to mention the boots, which are delightfully "Texan" ... you really do seem to have hit on something exceptional with these inkings, uniquely you and smile-inducing ...

Saskings perhaps? or Saskinks?
Nancy said…
This new work is fantastic! I love the blues & browns together, the green bird and the fish story! So imaginative Saskia and such a creative use of your 'past' or at least that of your folks. Also, the Dwelling update...Yay! I've been wondering how life is there. Covid creating done right for you! Feel better soon. xo
Saskia said…
fully recovered Dee and up&about, seeing and being with other humans again;-)
it's weird, to me at least, how the addition of the letters seems to blend organically with the painting...maybe it's best I don't fully get what's happening, or how
Saskia said…
well spotted Liz, it is indeed a K!
oh, Saskinks has a great ring to it, thXx for this new word
Saskia said…
thankx Nancy, feeling completely myself again....I had a wonderful time refurbishing and continue to be amazed & grateful for the world's generosity when it comes to sharing treasures for The Dwelling, amongst them you too
LOVE ALL the movie of the Dwelling, that OBK expresses his needs and that in the midst of your blooming ART you tend to them...this is so great
love ALLLLLLL....love so much the movie of the Dwelling...how it has
transformed...such intricacy...attention to detail just love and also that OBK has needs
Saskia said…
hi Grace, I gather you like;-)
as OBK would say: 'but of course, don't we all?'

jude said…
yes, nature just IS.
love you and all your new work.
jude said…
and I spied a little wishing star!
Saskia said…
love you too Jude & yes your wishing star has found a perfect place, the Dwellers love it!



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