the landscape keeps surprising me with it's understated beauty 
a tiny snail in the empty pod, in fact there are two tiny snails, each in their own little pod

we keep returning and every time I notice something new, this evening the rusty reds and the coffee pot tree

a collage of home-dyed and commercial fabrics, I think these will work well together; want to add small beings, on a journey of sorts.....fantasizing about that these days   


Marti said…
The thing about landscapes and I have been to and lived in many varied ones is that if you keep your eyes and heart open, the wonders and beauty are revealed in so many ways. Two years ago I lived in the green hills of Tennessee, with changing autumn leaves and fields of every type of wild plant, flower, tree. Now I live in the high desert, the colors more subtle and Saskia, as you say, understated. In coming to know this understatement here, I have found such a richness of hues, shapes, scents, etc.

Oh and your cloth, well it speaks to me of that magical in-between time of dusk and night and it is soothing to all of my senses.
Julie S said…
You have really translated the sense of place in that nine patch already.
Mo Crow said…
oh I keep saying this about how I love the way your colours reflect the landscape
Saskia said…
hello Marti, Julie & Mo, looking at what's here and sometimes observing closely and other times not really noticing, yet it seeps into self and finds expression in cloth; what I find surprising and pleasing is that the things I am aware of are not necessarily the things that end up in the pieces, there are many elements that would appear to materialize of their own accord....if that makes any kind of sense
Anonymous said…
the landscape photos really take me on a journey... i like to see where you and django go! Agree that the nine patch thoroughly reflects the colors of your world. It is so pretty already, hard to imagine it improving, but I'm sure you will!!!
Saskia said…
ths Dee, I do hope I'll improve...I always find it tough once I've found the right composition to then assemble it and what to add and what to leave out......ugh, the things I have to deal with (just kidding!)



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