ripples following dog's plunge; circles marking time

half an hour before sunset the streetlights start to glow as the moon grows
the pink sky blushes on the water's surface
the next day dog swims toward shadow

the petals drop, seeds wither, rainwater gathers in garden dimples, grass become hay, a web of wonders, all this within reach


Marti said…
Saskia, glimpses, luminosity, sheer delicacy coupled with the tough tattoo of rust washers, your blouse telling a story and one that I understand.

Yesterday, after being gone for a month, I grabbed a piece of silky cloth, wrapped every washer that I got from grace, tightly bundled and created the same as on your blouse because I just had to be with cloth and I have not yet gotten back into the groove yet of foraging for local windfall.

This may well be the year that I dabble in turning my dyed cloths into bits of clothing...if the stitching doesn't make me crazy!
Saskia said…
hi Marti, how was your trip? it IS good to have you back!
why not dye items of clothing.....saves a lot of stitching, although I do often modify the clothes I dye
Marti said…
Trip was good but very busy what with getting grandkids ready for kindergarten, teaching them how to dye cloth (they both made blankets for their dolls and stuffed bears), taking them on walks and to origami class and cooking with them. They are now 5 1/2 and instead of me reading to them, they read to me. Husband also came to California for a week to spend time with our daughters, son in law and our grandkids, boy and girl twins.

Re dyeing clothing: Have made so much dyed cloth that I may decide to make simple things, patchwork vest, etc but may also buy a top and stitch my cloth directly on it...later, may try dyeing items of clothing.
Julie S said…
Oh goodness, that shirt is a beauty.
Saskia said…
yes Marti, sewing bits of dyed cloth onto an existing piece is an excellent idea (something I've had to do as I accidentally tore a hole in a really nice linen shirt); sounds like you had lots of fun with your family, how truly wonderful your grandchildren dye as well!

hello Julie, thank you; I'm wearing it now and two people commented on how sophisticated I look in it, which I took as a compliment (rather than poring over thoughts on how shabby I usually look when I'm not in the office, covered in paw marks, dye stains and marks of unknown origin)



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