facts of life

basic fact #one: what goes in, must come out!

last Friday the husband received this gift for his birthday from a friend who knows we don't really need these bags for the assigned purpose as our dog doesn't shit on streets/paths/public places where one might step onto a heap and cry in horror and disgust; nope, our dog either shits in our backyard (which is basically our problem) or in the bushes in the woods where no one is likely to follow in his footsteps.
However it is a very cute little purse and as such it has been confiscated by self - after asking husband's permission, of course - to carry with me on my walks: I'm always finding and collecting lots of objects, ranging from leaves, seeds, dye-plants, walnuts, dead animals, skeletons, feathers, rusty what-nots, pottery shards, pebbles et cetera, very seldom do I carry a bag, so this will come in handy

basic fact # two: football is all about communication (or is it)

accompanied our youngest son yesterday to his second football(soccer) match of the new season.
I had always thought it was a game about winning or losing. Nope, one of the fathers explained it was a social event, where the team players are continuously communicating with each other and the result was secondary to the entire enterprise. I decided to pay extra attention to what exactly was being said by the players, here are a few examples:

dare (dare) this was directed at a player when he was near the goal but not quite close enough to score easily, but hey do or die, hence 'dare'
hit it, hit it (one assumes the ball) whenever a player should indeed kick it - and here I was thinking this was obviously the point
go, go, again something I had considered a neccesity in a ball game, but they obviously need to keep each other alert and moving
keeper whenever the keeper needed to keep the ball  out of the goal one heard this cry - isn't that why he's called a keeper

on a more advanced level:
don't be afraid to tackle your opponent, well that is quite a mouthful and as everything happens so fast the tackling is over before the sentence is finished ( I would suggest shouting 'tackle your opponent' = shorter and no negatives in the command)

It should be noted however, that the father in question immediately contradicted himself by shouting loud support for our side only and afterwards expressing only negative comments on the opposing team's behaviour/skill/spirit and finding fault with the umpire's decisions - the game ended in a draw, one of our goals had been disqualified - and needless to say the players were disappointed despite the fact that they had indeed communicated a lot, without the desired result I guess.

basic fact # three: young dogs chase moving objects

a video of Django when he was about 9 weeks old

basic fact # four: technology never ceases to surprise me

a google+ film made with random images, not by me, by google+


Nancy said…
Great repurposing of the little pouch! Your pup is adorable, sure makes me want a dog.
The last video wouldn't play...said it was 'private'. Oh well.



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