catching up with friends

Thursday Django and I went for a long walk with Dieke and her dog Felix in Avelingen

Friday Django and I went for a long walk with Marjan, these dahlias in Acquoy cheered us along

basted with a grid, still a lot more stitching to be done though.....

the yellow bird became a black one
off to the festive opening of my favourite book shop in Gorinchem, de Mandarijn; I've even written a poem for the new owner Ro

music and books, what a great combination, we even danced later on


Nancy said…
OH MAN! Everything here is so gorgeous! I love looking at your extra large pics (even if it does make your blog load slow for me). Those flowers are so bright among the buildings...and the addition of a clothesline even makes it better! Your cloth, all of your cloths really speaks to me. I love the critter totem. You and Grace do dogs so well. They look just like their live counterparts! I'd love to know what the card says and see what was stitched to the front :) Books, music AND dancing! Fun times for you...friends, walks, cloth dog and more!
love this cloth VERY much
Saskia said…
thank you Nancy, dogs in general and Django in particular mean a lot to me;
the poem roughly translates into

reciprocal poem

I see you
you see me
we are equally/briefly* happy

* 'even'in Dutch can mean both, depending on context

thank you Grace, I was hesitant at first about using the printed fabric, for one it's not 100% cotton, and I worried the colours might be too strong for the natural dyes....but then I thought 'what the hell, just do it'

Liz A said…
Your critters made me think of the Brementown musicians ... so I got a kick out of seeing the musical trio at the end if the post!
Kudos for the great pix of cloths on the line and the detailed process shots!!!
Saskia said…
wow Liz, I had not made the musical connection, I love it when this kind of thing happens.
I have still to read this story, but I have seen illustrations, which is probably what stuck and inspired....yet another book for browsing



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