world peace day

today's world peace day, Jeremy Gilley (Southampton 1969) initiated the idea. I don't think I had heard about this before and this morning I read an article in yesterday's newspaper about this particular day. There are 37 conflicts in the world as I type my post and I could despair about my lack of influence on the world's grand stage; however, I also read about how conflict isn't just about wars 'far away' but more often than not people, especially children suffer at home from violence, they are threatened by a hand not a gun..........So close to home: I can make a difference, a kind word, no (verbal) abuse, hopefully set an example of how we can live with others and accept they are different and want different things. I have baked an apple pie for the boys and when they come home after school it'll be a sweet and tender reminder of home as a sanctuary, a place we can all rest and feel safe.  




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