spiders against castle

a friend who amongst other things is a freelance-castle-caretaker mentioned to me the other day that he'd found something that might interest me: spiders (daddy longlegs/langpootspin) clinging together, forming black brushlike-structures; nobody seems to know why they do this - warmth? sex? - but there they are: huddled together. In the top photo I came too close and they ran all over the wall, on the second image you can see what a tight knot they form, there are hundreds of them.

we had coffee in the 'tower room' overlooking the entrance and driveway up to the castle, it is a very peaceful place to sit and while away an afternoon.....


Anonymous said…
I thought the spiders were threads at first - funny, huh? Amazing to see, I imagine. I like the way you've paired them with the spider-like window.

And re: your just previous post. I have had a spate of weird computer things happening, too. My sister would say, "mercury retrograde", but I'm afraid I don't even know if it is or not!
Saskia said…
they are amazing creatures aren't they?! I am fond of them as they eat flies and mosquitoes, not among my favourites, although they too are food for the many birds in the garden, ah the eternal cycle.....
and the grid-images have given me fresh ideas for more new pieces;

re the computer-trouble, apparently it had 'something' to do with the server, we are so dependent on stuff we have no influence over, arrgh



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