tree creeper

let's start with the good news:
Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th president of the United Sates, together with Kamala Harris as the Vice President

what a victory for human decency ánd women all over the world
I sighed a huge sigh of relief as CNN announced the news, and immediately felt lighter and more joyful....

husband found this Tree creeper on our porch this afternoon, alas dead and starting to smell
a series of quick ink drawings to honour it's life

a great read!


youtube Certhia brachydactyla

that's it for now folks, am guessing lots of you are celebrating across the pond, cheers


Mo Crow said…
such a beautiful bird honouring, it's so good to feel like the world can breathe again!
Nancy said…
Saskia~ Yes, such relief and joy! Beautiful bird and your honoring of it. Such a high pitched song from this one!
I will have to see what all this book is about.
Big hugs to you my friend :)
Liz A said…
life is so easily lost ... how you honor it with ink and paper

thank you for standing with us these past four years ... for hoping with us ... may we prove worthy of your persistence
Saskia said…
a breath of very fresh air Mo!

breathing more easily once more, wonder what 'the couple' will do;-)

true Liz, how easily forgotten in the daily hum-drum........hoping with you was in part out of self-interest, I'm sure you will
jude said…
Hi!, I'm back from the dead.
Saskia said…
you and me both Jude x



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