stitching in circles makes for a bumpy ride

I wanted to make flat circles, but they became a bump. Ha! Happy with that discovery I continued to make another one and having made two similar in size sewed them together, showed them to the husband, who asked ‘is that a bra of sorts?’ He has learned to never be surprised at what comes out of my hands. ‘Nope, it is not, but you have given me an idea’ was my reply.
 I made a doll with three bumps: two tits and one pregnant belly.
Reminding me once again, we human beings all have a mother. The one thing we all have in common.
No judgment about what kind of a mother or for  how long she was in your life. Perhaps she was kind, maybe fierce as well, loving, denigrating, cold and mean. It’s not easy being a mother. My mother told me a story many years ago (I think I was a student by then and no longer lived with my parents) which has always made me smile. She was at the local market in town on the Friday morning when she heard a young child crying uncontrollably, wailing for his mother. No matter what anybody tried the child was inconsolable, all he wanted was his mother. Suddenly he stopped crying as he had spotted her…..she walked up to him, swept him up in one swift movement, pressed him to her immense bosom and smiled an almost toothless smile, gazing lovingly upon her lost one. My mother watched this spectacle and what became clear to her, and to me as she told the tale, a child’s love for his mother is unconditional.
I remember not being very interested in children up until I was about twenty-five. I cannot quite recall why I gradually changed my mind as there was no man in my life at that point to turn my hormones on. By the time my now husband and I were a five-year-old couple I was thirty-two and by then the hormones were raging and my body definitely wanted a child. A question of biology. Which we tend to rationalize and romanticize. Now I literally cannot imagine a life without them. Even though they no longer live at home and I don’t even think of them every day. It does amaze me that those two grown men have sprung from my womb, ‘wow’ I say to myself on occasion ‘that really did happen.’

She has a bum and a cunt, her face emerged as is and I cannot change that; she reminds me of a turtle and some other kind of nameless creature; she's not as neat looking as I would have liked, this is however what I can do for now, at this moment in time; I don't mention this by way of an apology, just stating the facts

A desk companion


i like her. a lot. she and i are very similar
Saskia said…
hi Grace, the weirdest thing, I did think of you, I hope you don't mind me saying so, but it was the skinniness that made me think of you; you are both tough cookies, tho maybe you see something else
the skinniness and some kind of unpretentious dignity. her posture. How she likes laying flat out sometimes, naked. as in today...
it will be 102 degrees here this week. and her face too. I see
myself. and more, that's hard to put a finger on....a kind
of empty but alert presence...again, me currently.
the more i look at her, the more i like her...and the more
she is helping me understand how it is for me these days...
she's turning out to be way more than at first glance
oh..and i LOVE that you thought of me...even more perfect
Nancy said…
Yes, quite turtle-y! Sometimes our one mother is a mix of styles, traits, pros or cons. There is no one way of anything.
I started babysitting at nine years old and thought of nothing but mothering until I became one at twenty one. Now I'm the opposite and wonder what I was thinking in the first place. Mmm...
Mo Crow said…
wild turtle woman, will you give her a shell?
Nancy said…
Mo...a shell cape!
Liz A said…
I, too, saw turtle ... and a cape

but then began to think, how a topographic map printed on cloth could be so stitched that the cloth would become the very same terrain
Dana said…
Isn't the turtle the symbol for the Earth? If so, this is an earth mother for sure. Her evolution in your hands is poignant.
Saskia said…
she's also helping me Grace, dealing with my now very ill mother

oh Nancy, babysitting, I never did great advantage of being a young mother is you get a chance at being a young grandmother....with two boys I guess I'll be waiting a long time; also you maybe cope better, worry less, was it that way for you?

no Mo, she wants an apron, and I found a turtle bead on the porch, perfect for her

funny you should mention that Liz, I've been wanting to use topographic lines for a long time now and keep forgetting about it, but like finding that turtle bead the other day I recently unearthed (ha!) a map-printout of our area in one of my many the idea is gestating once more, thanks for reminding me

poignant Dana, yes it certainly felt like that, very much so because of my sick mother

Liz A said…
there is so much much-ness in these comments ... how cloth gives birth to thought
Saskia said…
that is sweet Liz, much obliged;-)



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