book number three, full of wonder

 I had a lot of fun making this book, as well as some serious musing*, whilst learning new techniques too. Or maybe not new ones, just stitched stuff differently. I like the effect the wrap-around-the-string-stitch offers and am enamoured with the rainbow, I intend to make loads more, as they bring such joy. The poem is hidden away in a pocket. It has thus become a book with and without words. During the sewing I listened to Jude’s golden oldies and stumbled upon the snow globe, hence the snow beads surrounding the moon. I also half-saw the first season of Downton Abbey….as last week was much cooler than the previous weeks it was a good one to stay indoors and sit and stitch slowly. I became quite obsessed with this book.

Toad’s short poem

I am the quiet toad
silent and stold friendsill
it may not look like it
but I'm smiling

smiling on the inside
by now, maybe you are too

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 *A surprising amount of violence occurred during the process: the countless needle-pricks, the cutting of cloth with the sharp scissors, the tearing of fabric, the pounding of the torn leaves with a hammer…..and these are just some of the things I have done! The iron ore extracted from the earth needed to forge the steel for the needles and pins; the cotton grown using water and pesticides, then harvested, dyed, washed, woven, transported, I have doubtless forgotten lots that happened along the way. I contemplated all of this as I sat sewing quietly, at first feeling rather smug with myself at being able to be content with ‘so little’. After my sobering thoughts I felt decidedly less high-and-uppity, realising I too am part of the violence that is inherent to life and living. In life there is death.  To me it is apparent that everything is connected, connected in ways I cannot begin to imagine. What I can imagine is what I make.

Whatever my thoughts I am happy with book number three!


A beautiful rendition of 'What a wonderful world' by Jon Batiste


Dana said…
I am smiling on the inside...about the poem and your beautiful book. Thank you also for the song. All are signposts pointing toward the light that coexists with the unavoidable darkness.
Liz A said…
"what I can imagine is what I make" ... I very much like what you make of your imagination
deemallon said…
I really like how unfolding the layers creates one reveal after another.
Mo Crow said…
a beautiful resolve
buysse maria said…
jip saskia , heel goed/mooi/ waar ....roze tekst wou ik afdrukken ? mag vast niet ? wat het gaat ook niet !!! zal hem dan maar overschrijven hé , ' t is maar dat je 't weet , hang hem dan op in mijn in mijn werkruimte .... groetjes
Hazel said…
Saskia- The layers of your book, poem, descriptions, and pondering are all a delight, as always!
sarita inch said…
Ooooh, wonderful, saskia. I enjoy your stitchings so much!
Your ponderings stopped me in my tracks. Food for my own ponderings today...the inherent violence, being connected, a part of it all. Serious thoughts, truth.
Thank you for sharing.
♡stay well...sarita
Saskia said…
light and dark, for better of for worse, we have both Dana; this particular song was sung live at my nephew's funeral service by a young friend of his.... which I got to watch on video, it was such a moving service, I was surprised at how much it meant to me to be able to say good bye in this way
Saskia said…
thank you Liz, and I can say the same to you, I love how we inspire one another here

oh I'm glad you mention that Dee, I too like that you can change the scene as it were and make your own compositions

thank you Mo, that word 'resolve' is now echoing in my mind...where will this lead me?

ha Maria, ja dat is goed hoor;-)

you are kind Hazel, thank you and coming from someone who knows a thing or two about creating delight yourself, I accept -as gracefully as I can- your compliment

thank you Sarita, stopping in one's tracks can be pretty useful from time to time.....I know I keep telling myself to do just that!



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