She's over the moon

I just love how She unabashedly lies on the Small Bumpy Pillow, arms and legs flung wide, not afraid to take up space, her space.

She insisted I sew her an apron, ‘a turtle is earth and water bound,’ she explained, ‘a cape is for flying and I’m not about to take to the skies any time soon, young lady.’

I think the fabric for her apron comes from one I once made for myself, with several prints on it, some even home-made, but I can’t be sure. As with so many memories, things get muddled and so I lose track of what I did and why. I forget too why I cut it up, as I rather like wearing an apron these days, another something to do with aging….

She adores the big blue star and murmured approval as I sewed on the red-and-white binding. When I suggested we add a pocket, we went rummaging together in the snippet basket, which I overturned to make life easier;-) 

I had something else in mind, but as soon as She spotted the moon, she decided this is what she wanted. A half moon pocket, which is in fact a full one as the other half is still there, folded away on the inside. To give it that final je ne sais quoi I found the turtle bead whilst rearranging stuff on the porch yesterday! 

‘Oh I like that’, She cooed, grabbing it quickly from my hand and tying it into the back knot. 'Perfect,' she remarks, eyeing herself as she twists and turns in front of the mirror.

I agree. 

a delta

She doesn't half mind posing for a pretty picture!


Mo Crow said…
turtles are such discreet souls, her apron does a good job of protecting her bumpy bits but her back needs protection too! reminds me of those hospital gowns that open at the back they always make me feel nervous...
Saskia said…
true Mo, I would feel awkward as well, but She doesn't mind at all, She is quite liberated and has no care for what others might think
Liz A said…
her folded Moon ... I love that best of all the wonderful things
Nancy said…
A moon and a star and homage to her own identity. She's lovely and poses so well!
Mo, you had me smiling in agreement after my last trip to the ER...but, I was almost too sick to care. Maybe that's what they count on. Ha.
deemallon said…
I just love how clearly your critters speak to you! And yes — the unabashed taking up of space. And speaking up.
Saskia said…
delighted you appreciate that Liz

we are definitely not dogs Nancy, publicly sniffing each others' behinds.....imagine if we did;-)

'speaking up' Dee, there are still (too) many voices unheard or not listened to



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