almost Christmas

 Slowly but surely the Dwellers are getting ready for Christmas: there's a tree, there are candles, there's an angel at their table.....and we have posted well-wishes all over the place, we are even preparing a guest room!
There are starry lights, paper hearts,
wintry visitors in our midst.
And guess what?
The Spirit of Christmas arrived on time this year!

'are we really heading in the right direction?' a question I seem to be asking myself a lot lately, as the whole X-mas enterprise requires a lot organisation; I have asked my friends here to help out

We have made small paintings as possible gifts,
we have been wrapping teeny, tiny parcels
whilst singing carols with funny hats on, as well as studiously trying to ignore the rain and we all dream of snow, sleigh rides and skating on the lakes nearby. There's a great deal of rummaging for festive outfits, fancy table cloths, warm blankets, silver tableware;
not to mention extra toilet rolls, towels and toothpaste!
with such a full house there's just so much to remember
Fortunately I am not alone....I will be in my studio this weekend and hopefully a few of you will pop by for a visit


Patty said…
I love, love, love your pen and ink animals! They're a natural
step forward for your tiny house creatures. Merry Christmas!
Ms. said…
You ARE the spirit of Christmas. Big love to you and yours, to all the creatures you house with such good love. We are on the lip of Winter Solstice here in mangled and entangled savage America where "Despair is not an option" (Bernie Sanders said and I agree).
Nancy said…
Saskia~ May all beings in The Dwelling along with you and your family have a very blessed Holiday season xo
Liz A said…
Toothpaste! Thank you, I just added it to my list ... ha!

And thank you for your renewed presence here ... may you and yours find peace and much joy in the coming of the light
Saskia said…
**Happy Holidays**
thanks Patty, I love making them....
will not despair Michelle!
the Dwellers bow their heads in gratitude to you Nancy, you have given them so much over the years...
those endless lists Liz....and still I forget loads, but most important of all is 'just' being together

((blessings)) to you Patty, Michelle, Nancy and Liz
thank you for visiting here and supporting me, it means a lot XxX



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