despite the heat yesterday I was full of energy and feeling like myself again I wanted to do all kinds of stuff ..... how appreciative one becomes of small mercies once pain has dissipated, fortunately the memory evaporates very fast. Django and I went on our regular morning walk, he even went for a swim, several in fact and each in our own fashion were sniffing out treasures and so we stumbled upon this perfectly poised toad; on our walk back he talked incessantly and was very curious to know where we were taking him, would he be safe there? and were there any dangerous contraptions such as he had had the misfortune to encounter in the field where we met? we almost lost him as he was just so bouncy and nervous, he hopped and quivered the entire time. Once returned to the calm of the safe and quiet haven of our garden he relaxed and wanted to meet everyone, first he introduced himself to the Man in the cloth piece my world where he wondered about for a bit staring at the birds and all of the tiny stitches, muttering and whispering to himself, of how they reminded him of the seeds on the grassblades back home. He then announced he was ready to meet the King. So we took him to the studio where he finally met OBK and part of the household in the Dwelling.

our nervous new friend leapt onto the tea tray in his excitement at meeting OBK

 an impression of the east deck with the mural very gradually coming to life


Liz A said…
Oh, the mural is most wonderful. And so glad you're mended!
i hope the new one decides to stay.

so Beauty Full, your place. Softened my gaze to take it in. Nearing
August, things here begin the downward summer slide, the drying out
and setting seed. The Heat is hastening this.

Ms. said…
Good morning to your critters, to your beautiful home and your self.
Our yesterday storms were both literal and virtual and the heat wave continues here in New York City.
Debbie said…
Love the mural
Mo Crow said…
love your garden, the new mural and the walk to find this nervous new friend
Saskia said…
thank you Liz, toothache is such a drag! fortunately my body and spirt are on the rise
oh I do believe he will Grace, he has so much to share and sometimes has to be kept silent so the others can sleep!
ah Michelle, I hope the weather improves as does the political debate on your side of the pond....meanwhile over here, we're enjoying pleasant summer temperatures, not too hot/humid, just perfect for active endeavours
thank you Debbie, it is fun making something on such a grand scale (grand for me at least)
he's quite a handful Mo, but highly entertaining
Julie S said…
Its hard to see the difference between inside your house and outside your house, its all one.
Saskia said…
I take that as a compliment Julie, so thank you.
Anonymous said…
catching up here, reading backwards... it's always so fun to see your studio and your garden and your work. very inspiring. I just love the scene with all the little critters...



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