summer holidays and how to enjoy them, part one

 the best thing, or one of the best things about a holiday, is not having to get up when the alarm sounds, of being able to linger in bed slightly longer than the body requires......after a prolonged breakfast where one has had time to read the entire newspaper from front to back, including the more obscure article on the recent discovery lichen consists not of two but three living entities, one succumbs to the dog's impatient whimpering and at last wanders out into the woods for a very late morning walk
 In the afternoon there's time to drive eldest son to Leiden to collect his last stuff there, it is in fact a farewell for him as he will be studying and therefore living in Wageningen for the forseeable future. Whilst he was packing, which he preferred to do by himself, I visited the botanical garden the Hortus Botanicus which was most enjoyable. I intend to visit a lot more gardens the coming week, not by myself however as my husband and I will be in the UK for a week; just the two of us, 'how romantic' our eldest exclaimed! We're looking forward to a trip by ourselves, been a long time since we did such a thing and the boys, both home together for a brief period, will have free reign of the house.

 another very nice thing is drinking an excellent cappuccino in the pleasant company of one's son


Dana said…
Wow. I envy your trip to the Hortus Botanicus. It looks so fascinating. Good luck to your son and happy travelling!
Mo Crow said…
what a fabulous Botanic Garden, enjoying your time out!
Ms. said…
How had I forgotten you have two sons! You're traveling alone with your mate is sure to be a sweet freedom time and these photographs are just fabulous. I'm looking forward to part two. I'll be off computer from August 5-9 and again from August 12-16th, but in between and after, I'll look for you.
Julie S said…
There's a palm tree in your coffee.
jan said…
So glad to read you're over the tooth sounded hideous! Bon voyage for your hols X
Saskia said…
Dana, I love visiting gardens like this, oh wow I must be growing old! the combination of being outdoors, enjoying beauty and learning something new keeps me inspired.
I am indeed Mo and long may this continue
Fortunately Micehelle I haven't forgotten;-) where are you off to?
That or a bearded alien Julie!
It was painful, I'm relieved all that remains is a fast fading memory Jan
Anonymous said…
what a garden! holy crap! I still find it bittersweet to be out and about (even if enjoying myself and my husband thoroughly) without the boys.



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