contemplating, continued

there is a flower bed here with a tiled footpath going around it, however soon after his arrival in our household Django decided he needed a shortcut and so there is now a bare stretch running through the bed; whenever there's someone at the gate he'll rush over his compacted mud highway and be able to get there just a fraction faster than he would have, had he been forced to go all-the-way-round the likes of us have to! 

Me  ‘OBK, can I ask you something?’
OBK  ‘Yes Saskia, of course you can.’
Me  ‘I’ve been thinking a lot since our talk yesterday and I was wondering, how come you are where you are, full of wisdom and contentment and me, I’m still searching?’

The OldBirdKing started chuckling, then his laughter became louder and louder and he almost fell over, joyful tears streaming down his face and once or twice he tried to answer but couldn’t. Finally after he had calmed down, he looked at me sideways, and as a smile crossed his face, he took a deep breath and said: ‘Maybe I am not the wise one after all, Saskia.’ With that he turned around, walked off and left me gaping in amazement, what the bloody hell happened here…..what does he mean…….


Mo Crow said…
so... is OBK saying Django is the wise one? or you Saskia? or perhaps that there is no wise ones... a Zen paradox?
Saskia said…
Mo, I am as much in the dark as you are; frankly I am as befuddled a I was when I first heard of the zen koan 'what is the sound of one hand clapping?'.....obviously lots of room for further thought
Maria buysse said…
yes Saskia " what does ... mean " that's the question by a lot of..... what people mean

what does Django mean ? by the flower footpath

what is befuddled and ( zen ) koan ? not find in my dictionary
Saskia said…
ladies, I had no idea Django's story bore any relation to my question, the OBK has offered no explanation whether it does or not; Maria, he did specifically ask me to say to you: 'dig deeper' whatever that is supposed to mean.
Ms. said…
SEEMS TO ME this is one of those questions that is also it's answer.
Seems to me the answer contained in the question is moot. If there's a path for going, well that's enough isn't it?
Debbie said…
goodness this is all to zen for me, maybe Django is the one who is right here, we shouldn't go round things we should forge straight through, maybe a new path is the answer.
The OBK has got me thinking though.
Saskia said…
I reiterate, I had no idea the two were connected, I mean the observations on Django's behaviour and my question to OBK; your comments suggest otherwise.....all this has got me thinking too Debbie



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