mixed bag

you know Spring has arrived once the birds start building nests: here on top of the pumping station's chimney a stork* is busy; I was worried the station might actually start pumping and rang the waterschap to inform them of the new inhabitants, let's hope the stork family decide to stay

* the ooievaar is protected by law

today the weather is perfect for outdoor activity, last week on Saturday it was grey and grim and I went to the Kunsthal in Rotterdam to the exhibition 'the Museum of Everything' an extraordinarily moving experience: so many unrecognized artists with their incredibly personal stories expressed in unique artworks....photo taking was prohibited, alas. It's a travelling show so if it happens to come your way: go see and enjoy!

loving Everything this young man sings:
Marlon William's cover of Ewan Maccoll's 'The first time ever I saw your face'


The Museum of Everything

o....could you tell just a few or even one story about
what you saw? The Museum of Everything....just fills me with
Saskia said…
of course i will



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