cheap thrills

 thanks to careful planning by my superiors due to the introduction of a new telephone system, there were way too many of us in the customer service department today and as I noticed weather was improving after a grey, dull morning and I will be doing overtime tomorrow anyway, I asked and was granted permission to leave early, two hours in actual fact; so, there I was driving back home feeling chuffed with myself and extra time on my hands, the world smiled at me and afforded me several fortuitous treats

number 1. on the radio on my way home an interview with young fashion designer Aniela Hoytink, who together with the University of Utrecht is researching and experimenting with creating fabric from mold, the roots to be precise: mycellium, it's called MycoTEX. I probably would not have heard this particular news, not today at any rate; it is quite fascinating: a completely eco-friendly textile, f.e. feel you've outworn your jumper, toss it in the garden and it becomes instant compost! Or if you're attached to it, grow a patch, stick it on and overnight the hole has disappeared. Be sure to check out the website
 number 2. enough time for a long walk with Django: always a pleasure

 number 3. first one home gets to read the evening news paper first, together with a mug of strong earl grey in the sun making the outdoor retreat even more perfect!

number 4. time to admire the tulips: my lazy gardner's trick, dig in a couple of bulbs, forget about them and hey presto, a few months later: colour 
(unless a certain black dog gets to them first and chews off the petals, in that case make sure you plant a lot of them)


Julie S said…
Chuffed? Chuffed? I LOVE this word!

I used to plant tulips AKA deer food.

You are gorgeous.
Mo Crow said…
exciting technology one of the design students here in Sydney is growing paper "skins" from bacteria!
Debbie said…
I read an article years ago about a woman who grew jumpers with this stuff, I think I still have it somewhere, its taking a long time to go commercial.
Nancy said…
Isn't it amazing how different the world looks when we are out in it at a time when we normally are not. Such treats you enjoyed. Your hair is getting so long. It looks real nice :) xo
Anonymous said…
I, too, loved "chuffed"! what you describe seem more like "simple pleasures" than "cheap thrills".
Dana said…
Ah, the gift of unexpected time. It feels like it belongs only to you and everything in it has a bit of a gleam.
Saskia said…
blushing ever so slightly Julie, thx

exciting times ideed Mo

quite Debbie, however I feel we have to go along this road if we want to survive as a species

Nancy, if only I could appreciate all the time I have in the same vein

the title must have been subconsciously inspired by the documentary about Janis Joplin I saw recently, Dee

unexpected and suc a gift Dana



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