Fate & Grace

they have lit a candle for a small new born, who has had a rough start in life; others are joining in however I could not squeeze them all into the frame


could you print this pic and send it to me?

They give Great Comfort

Saskia said…
of course, I will also mail it to you straight away!
i am coming back and coming back and coming back inbetween the
morning feeding things
and each time, my eyes sting with tears, How i love them, this
Old BirdKing and his companions, how really real they have
become to me and how it means so much that they Sit in this
Healing way for Fate
You have no idea how much this means to me
Such Great Great Gratitude and Love to you all there at the Birdhut
Liz A said…
Such a warm and loving presence ...
Julie S said…
especially the dog.
pardalote said…
This is beautiful. A gentle and soulful way to express our hopes. My thoughts and wishes are with both also.
Maria buysse said…
let us all embrace eachother breath and be still
Ms. said…
It takes a village to pray for the newborn. We have all been moved by the events over at Grace's place. What a kind and loving grouping you've assembled. Bless your heart.



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