another small strip, there are quite a few now, to me this one resembles a path, so for now that will be it's name; sometimes people say things to me that instantly hit a nerve, stuff that seems so obvious I wonder why I hadn't thought of saying this to my self; recently my coach in the office said a really nice thing to me, she said I am capable of looking at myself with love; now that is a big deal to me.....and I have been mulling it over ever since, I try to see if I feel it and weigh the thought in my mind. 
I do, feel it that is and more importantly, I also try to look at others with this same attitude: one of love.....
not easy after the attacks in Paris last weekend, however I do believe that looking with a sense of love at another person is the only way out of violence, of any kind, 'cos there is lots of that around
fortunately we have a Dog, who makes me step away from too grandiose ideas about self and a walk in the woods with His happy-go-lucky presence brings me back down to earth

as November becomes colder (finally) the wood burner glows orange, offering comfort to all the studio's occupants and heat for the dye pot (apple and tea)

mrs. Simpson, meanwhile is busy in the OldBirdKing's kitchen, making stew with the help from a small blue Owl - he's on the plate on the stove - mind you don't burn yourself small blue Owl!
the tiny kittens aren't really helping, however the geese seem to enjoy their playful presence and so mrs. Simpson doesn't mind either

another remark that got stuck inside my mind, wasn't directed specifically at me, it was made by Grace in a post a long while back, so I couldn't say where; she mentioned how suddenly she had realised, in the making of a cloth, what Jude had meant when she said how basting two pieces of fabric together make them as one, and this occurred in this cloth on the right in the pic above, where the grey square meets the tiny strip next to it and they have merged in this sense together with the grey linen backing cloth.
the black dog isn't truly black, just an outline with specks, will have to think of something else in the next cloth!

this year's small Autumn cloth is finished, below you can see it hanging beside last year's
this one is a lot busier: reflecting my state of mind perhaps?
this weekend has been the first in a long while I had Nothing planned, so two whole glorious days of having to do nothing...just being here:


Liz A said…
Enjoying ... just being ... here
Dana said…
Your new autumn cloth reminds me of the owl hanging just down the way. A good image for fall. All of your cloths are beautiful.
Ms. said… be, just to be, and loving despite current trauma, and yes it is the only answer...sense for the senseless, care for the careless, and above all else, peace. I love your new cloth. I'm going off to Massachusetts tomorrow to be with friends till December. May all be well with you and yours (and everyone and everything else)
Debbie said…
Another beautiful cloth Saskia love the colour combinations very unusual.
Mo Crow said…
such a beautiful reflection
Saskia said…
right Liz, I suppose we owe it to ourselves

oh him, Large Owl, an old collage I made back in the days when the boys were young and they used to join me in the studio.....and thank you Dana for considering them beautiful

have a wonderful time Michelle, I look forward to reading your stories from Massachusetts

thanks Debbie, yes quite a step beyond the natural-dye-colour range, I needed a bit more zinggg

well said Mo!

Anonymous said…
saskia - i love you, too! your sense of play. your unbelievably beautiful cloths. the daily hearth-dog kind of wisdom satisfies, too! I really think the autumn cloth is beautiful. It IS busier than some others, but so in keeping with your signature and of such a unified palette, that is it soothing to see. Marge better be careful or she'll set her hair on fire!!!!

last: cloth as metaphor. I have come to believe that integrating and connecting disparate pieces are activities that call up similar activities in the psyche. perhaps this is why stitching is so healing and in ways we can't quite account for?
to look with love...that is such a clear are lucky to
work with someone who can understand that and even more, share that
perception WITH you....

and it all becomes One...the deep pleasure of that.

and Marge...such Class she brings to the kitchen....i wonder if she
knew Julia?
jude said…
nice patchwork
Saskia said…
oh Dee, love you back!!
cloth as metaphor, how about that? i suppose everything we make with our hands is a 'translation' of what goes on in our mind, whether we're aware of it or not

Grace, she claims to have heard of her, however she'll not admit to not knowing at least something, however trivial, about somebody famous!

thanks Jude, i have a great tutor



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