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 a lot happened in the garden this weekend: 2 more trees were pruned (the lime and ash) resulting in two stacks, one with wood for the wood burners, one mainly twigs I couldn't be bothered to schlepp along to the other side of the dike; paving tiles were removed from around the pear tree, we want grass and wild meadow flowers instead, it's always good to have a dream-garden; looking at our house, the north-facing facade, it all still looks rather unkempt, or wild-ish, although in the image below it would seem the stairs are sort of okay to walk on again now that all the slippery leaves have been swept away. after all the raking I've done this weekend all I have now is one blister on my right hand, I consider myself very lucky indeed!

the start of a new journey, as we edge towards colder days; the top six squares are sewn together using Jude's technique, in this case using contrasting thread: very strong; I had to stitch an extra piece along side the left leaf as there wasn't enough fabric to sew with; the machine sewn leaves are the 'back' side, cut offs from a pair of linen trousers I dyed blue (commercial dye) and as I didn't want to keep the embroidered bits I replaced those with other linen, lino-printed squares and had these leaves to play with


Debbie said…
I am liking this new work, it has been wonderful weather for gardening here this weekend as well.
Liz A said…
Oh, such good works. Pruning and stitching are among my most favorite things to do!
Nancy said…
Cleared, stacked and ready for anything! Like the new colors for you :)
Ms. said…
Really, just to have some land is such a blessing, bless it's heart!
Mo Crow said…
love your wild garden



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