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walnuts just across the road....I heard the crows yesterday, a vocal sign indicating food! So Django and I went for a walk equipped with a bag and collected quite a few; seems early for walnuts, but then again we've had a lot of heavy rain and I imagine the nuts on the ground were pelted by sheer water-force out of the tree

tried to capture the spider clinging onto the flower, neither are sharp, imagine

the water cloth.....growing and then....

...I cut out! the dark pieces in the larger cloth as they had served their purpose and added the smaller water story; now the random cloth piece has a story, of a ship and moonlight and the recent experiment of multi-coloured strip, sewn together on the wrong side has found a place; now I see all of the pieced together bits for what they are: the polder landscape, fields intersected by roads and pathways, dikes edged by rows of trees, the land cut into bite size plots, manicured gardens, wild ones, forgotten strips (not many of those), concrete bunkers, birds of every size, roe deer, hares, humans, insects, frogs and toads, all traipsing the land, the landscape I live in, am surrounded by, one day a cloth to wrap myself in

I'm very happy with the way the colours work together now; still have to figure out how to integrate more, am confident though

even though I live in this water world, I'm very much an earthy person; however, here the ship has entered the cloth and it all suddenly makes sense, how now there is a river and (the possibility of) movement, I have to admit to being excited about this piece 


Debbie said…
Love the edition of the water colours, beautiful.
Mo Crow said…
love how your work reflects & reveals your watery land
Liz A said…
Water ... color ... story

And just like that, the cloth becomes itself
Dana said…
The long struggle of the Dutch to control the indundation of their land makes your cloth a perfect place to tell that story. Your recognition of the cloth sections as polders and the addition of the water pieces makes it clear. It is exciting.
Nancy said…
This cloth speaks to your land and living so well Saskia. It tells a story, your story...getting pulled right out of you, whether or not you are aware at the time. And it is beautiful in the telling.
Julie S said…
This is thrilling and so inspiring. The thrilling part is watching your two cloths mate, the inspiring part is how happy you are having made the match.

And I love the little strip, it is perfectly at home.
Anonymous said…
the blue is striking, even though soft. I love what it does to the rest. I am seeing the power of describing exactly where we are.
i am Excited the image of traipsing things.....
This could become a Life Cloth

very of the Magic Diaries cloths that Jude taught
Anonymous said…
one by one untill thousand and more stitches in a meditation way
connecting pieces together to whole
groetjes maria



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