small results amidst busy schedule

 what happens when you don´t pay proper attention to what you´re doing?
you could end up making a mistake and then deciding to purposely continue thus.
I mindlessly started stitching small pieces together on the 'right' side and felt something was not quite right; after several pieces I sat turning and peering at the pieced-together-strip and realised what was wrong.....I'd been stitching on the right side which was the wrong side and now the right side had a very visible ridge: nice!

 I continued experimenting using only white fabric; this time sewing the pieces together on the 'wrong' side, where I asked myself the following question: how does the running stitch differ from the wrap-stitch I learned from Jude of Spirit Cloth for piecing - I had never actually compared the two; the results can be seen in the following images 

two most important observations for me: the wrap-around stitch provides much more strength, whereas the running stitch offers a graphic quality I like a lot, as I often prefer my pieces to be two-sided; so I will use both depending on what I want to achieve

the hazel curved twig happened to be hanging here, highly suitable for displaying these strips

GhostBird pretending to be uninterested in the experiments


Mo Crow said…
love the understated elegance in your sense of line and colour
Nancy said…
Right-Wrong...does it really matter? For me it does less and less these days. I really like the drop of color among the white, hanging on the hazel twig. Oh that GhostBird, what a rascal trying to appear aloof!
jan said…
Mo said elegant.....that's it......there is a timeless, elegant, quietness in these pieces. I love the simplicity of the white cloth, and the stitch. And as Nancy said.....that splash of colour....vivid against the white. Lovely x
Saskia said…
thank you Mo, it's always evolving

isn't he just Nancy

and see what happened to one of the recent strips Jan....
jude said…
i'll be talking a lot more about seams soon.



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