yesterday and today

we started the day with our regular morning stroll in the nearby woods, Django's nose more often than not stuck to the earth; in the afternoon however our walk was more about art, than nature, or was it?

seven walking women accompanied by two dogs walked from our street to the nearby Beeldentuin Asperen for a truly WonderFull sculpture exhibition, beautifully situated and many a witty/intriguing/beautiful/moving sculpture

above: Fallen by Harry Schumacher
below: The Big Big by Henk Wijnen & Martyn Last

video installation with a branch structure I liked and would like to recreate something similar in our garden, minus the TV

above: Torri by Marielle van der Bergh


zwischen Zwiebel und Knoblauch by Ton Kalle

La Couronne by Cissy van der Wel

we poured water onto the flower and look how she comes to life

ha, a tree-on-wheels

I think these were my favourite: granite boulders half polished, casually strewn about, they reminded me of Denmark and the long, sunny summers of my childhood;
title: Steinzaat by Dorsten Diekmann

J. standing next to the large pod; Peul by Mai Movrin

my finds on the walk back home: extraordinary - perhaps thanks to having been exposed to Art I picked these up and then laid them out as a 'piece'

and last but not least, this tunic-shirt, a thrift-gift from J. -in image above with pod- it is such a beautiful item (I'm wearing it now even though the weather has turned very cold today, yikes)
it feels like I might have dyed it myself, it was in fact designed by a local fashion designer Ria van Kleef

 Saturday, drizzly and grey.....not particularly enticing at all.....and yet and yet there was a very good reason for getting up in time: Le Bric à Brac in het Lingebos just around our corner, thus making it literally in my neck of the woods; it is a charming, local flea market, third year running and luckily for me a market I can walk to, so Django yet again had an interesting busy walk. I always manage to stumble upon super bargains, this year being no exception as I scored this fabulous leather, worn jacket, fits me like a glove!
great catch!

from a distance: in the blue van on the right friend J. ran her stall; despite the wet weather people came in their droves, from as far as Rotterdam I heard, which is half an hour by car, for the privilege of walking about in mud and rain I think it just goes to show how popular this market has become.....


Liz A said…
Oh my ... the snail-shaped dial is most intriguing. And I love the cruciform patterning over the heart of the tunic ... is it kantha, darning, cross stitch, appliqué, or ... ?
Nancy said…
Wow! Every photo here is of some lush treasure...either one of nature, one of man & nature or one of man of long ago! Love it. Wouldn't you love to fill that slotted wooden shelf with tiny handmade books or something?! Thanks for sharing!
Dana said…
You do indeed look wonderful in that leather jacket. Good snag! It seems like you and Django are getting a lot of visual stimulation from both nature and art.
Ms. said…
Your yesterday so full of blue and green and then the art part, my favorite is the Torri gate. the Today (Saturday I guess)...also fine. Nothing like a wander in piles and piles of stuff.
love coming over to your Place...
GREAT Things...i love the granite
rocks too and the
Flea Market....!
Saskia said…
Liz: no stitching whatsoever, it's silk screen print on the front (over left breast), or maybe I misread your comment; there is an appliqué on the back, no hand stitching either, does this answer your question? I have no idea what the dial is for, I do like it too.

ha Nancy, I would have missed that shelf if you hadn't directed my gaze......

oh for sure Dana, it's good for his education (and mine) to know how to behave in crowded spaces! I love leather jackets and prefer them second-hand, price wise and the fact that they're 'broken in'

absolutely Michelle, what surprises me most about flea markets is just how much junk we carry around and how we keep adding on with one hand, whilst the other passes our own stuff on to the next is all a bit of fun!

oh I am so glad you DO! Grace

Anonymous said…
ik kies voor de kaardebol .... prachtig toch ...?
't gaat je goed dat zie je eraan , groetjes M.
Anonymous said…
so much here -- postcards, dog walks, flea markets... but I pause just to say how beautiful you look in that -- yes! -- beautifully fitting leather jacket!



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