fleeting memories, or how we try to capture the place we were at in images.....

for a week we had breakfast on the terrace with this fabulous view



entering Saint George

there were quite a few of these cabinets by the roadside, a stark reminder of those killed in road accidents.....on the top shelf icons, candles and silver foil, the lower compartment containing the more mundane cleaning paraphernalia 

resin tapping

brother, sister and self

a hike through the olive groves, the bees were already very busy over here

and after our hike we felt we both deserved a drink

this has been our third Club Med vacation with the extended family on my side, fifteen in all....I can safely say we have all enjoyed it immensely (and look forward to next year)

old olive tree

great movie

 just minutes after having read about the Brocken Spectre in Robert Macfarlanes 'Mountains of the Mind', I happened to witness this natural phenomenon out of the airplane window!

 from sunny Greece to cool Holland, from air to earth, back home once more, where two dark tulips greet us, making a staggering total of just five four tulips this year Julie....I must plant more bulbs next year!


Dana said…
Welcome back. Time really does fly when you're having fun. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures. I have never been to Greece, but it looks like I should. The Brocken Spectre apparently was looking for you.
Debbie said…
Have been missing your posts but glad it was because you were enjoying yourselves. Looks wonderful. I have that tulip about 12 in all, worth planting some more, its beautiful, after all you are in the home of the tulip!
Liz A said…
There is magic and wonder in the world if only we have eyes to see it ... thank you for being my eyes today!
Ms. said…
Glorious vacation spot, but more beautiful at your Holland cottage I think...charming cottage.
Julie S said…
I am with Mo on this, although that olive tree really sends me. If you need tulip bulbs, let me know.....
Anonymous said…
dag Saskia, the pictures let me see a bit more of our planet and let my mind make a trip ,my own trip withouth the experience of reality
welcome back
Julie S said…
PS I noticed those roadside memorials in Greece, esp in the mountains in Crete or outside Delphi. I noticed them when I was gripping the door in a sweat as we rounded the curves in the road while I was noticing the absence of any kind of guard rail. Didn't know they were Windex holders to boot!!

PSS This is some kinda anti-spam system you got going here...I just had to select three pix of pizzas!!!
Saskia said…
hello Dana, it is good to be back and receive such a warm welcome.

lucky you Debbie, although planning probably has more to do with tulips popping up than sheer luck; how nice to be missed

you are welcome Liz

thanks Michelle, home is where I truly belong I guess

thank you M. Greece is worth a visit, although to be perfectly honest we did not see a lot of it!

Julie, I will indeed let you know ('bout the bulbs).........you sure do travel a lot!
p.s. anti-spam, well I am glad it works, although I have nothing to do with it truth be told, hope it isn't too much of a drag

Anonymous said…
nice journey in pictures... it is nice to see faces of family once in awhile...
Saskia said…
Dee: well you know the questions we ask ourselves 'bout posting images of family and friends....I decided to 'risk' it as my following is still small enough not to expose my family members too much to nosy onlookers, haha



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