souvenirs from the beach

well, what can I say, I want to learn

over dyeing shirt with dandelion-sorrel-dye

I think this is a moth, found it on one of the walks in Greece; at first I thought it was black, now I see it's a very dark blue, quite amazing

found the egg intact but cold yesterday  plus the bird's bone, in completely different spots; Spring is rife with life & death, or rather that's how it is all year round, it's just that at this time of year it seems incongruous

full worktop with newly bought frame with a hare water colour, it consists of two glass panes between which you place your artwork/photo, which you then slip into a slot on top; below you can see what was in the frame: a nice feather-on-acrylic print

a garden is of course a delight to the mind and a joy for the senses, but at the same time jolly hard work, especially in the growing season and one has been away for a week; luckily yesterday the weather was just perfect for odd jobs in the garden and I had the time to do it:
 I planted three sage, three chive and three peppermint plants in the raised beds in our front yard, sowed a mixture of flower seeds in bed at the back (near North facing kitchen window) and American poppies under sweet chestnut, assuming they can handle shade, in the patch Django dug up and which looks pretty bare at the moment; pulled up dyeing plants for the first-dye-batch-with-seasonal-plants in casu dandelions and sorrel, weeded*, raked, spent what seemed like hours scraping between tiles on knees, or else stood in squat position for minutes-on-end and realised it all felt a bit familiar as it resembled the hours of exercise we enjoyed on our Grecian holiday .....I ended up by zealously 
starting to mow the ankle high grass, but all of a sudden felt completely fed up & knackered and midway through it all decided to call it a day while there was still daylight to be had.....who knows, maybe I should have started with the mowing - I am now hoping one of the guys will finish the job! 

*weeding doesn't mean I remove all weeds and dead stuff, obviously

husband found this empty nest in his shed (he is creating some kind of order in his chaos) a precursor to our lives, as the eldest will be leaving home soon, once the final exams are behind us - how time flies and even if I don't feel older, I do notice the boys are all grown-up now

life is good at this exact moment


Mo Crow said…
what a beautiful garden, found treasures and especially the nest!
Ms. said…
Scrumtious finds, fabulous greening even unmowed, and I love those layered water colors. Time has a way of slipping past one doesn't it. Or is it us slipping through? Love to you and joyous day of the Mother.
Saskia said…
wow Mo, is it? thank you for that, it's a wild-ish garden and yes the treasures are exactly that!
Michelle, the greens are so intense this time of year, I could almost eat the grasses.....Time slipping through, well that explains how wrinkles materialize, ha; it sure is a nice day for a mother
The egg: life and death in one beautiful bundle.
Liz A said…
It is wonderful to see so much of your good life at this exact moment ...
I especially like your wild hare, which calls to mind the whimsical rabbit in the children's book entitled Knuffle Bunny.
And all that luscious cloth(ing?) ... what's next, I wonder?
love how it's ALL gardening...gardening the garden and gardening in the Heart and the Mind.
Gardening. All Kinds.

Gardening Beauty and CareTaking
Anonymous said…
gardening on this side of the Atlantic, too... it IS knackering work. Those double panes of framed glass are really lovely ways to display your work!
Saskia said…
hi Wendy and welcome! yes the egg is the beginning, holding within it all the possibilities......

knuffle bunny, Liz? 'knuffelen' is to cuddle in Dutch, so is this a Dutch tale?!

true Grace, it's all Gardening; I love our garden more and more as the years go by

what a find right, Dee, and cheap to boot; ah will you be posting pics of your garden soon?



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