time flies

weeping willow a week ago

bought two shirts at the thrift store, this one will be modified to fit better, bit tight under the armpits! 

first attempt at making necklace using African (seed)beads combined with wood slices I bought in the garden centre (used for plant decoration and such) and here's me wearing the new piece, also wearing a gorgeous bright green jacket I got for free !! in the Geefwinkel

shirt number two, no modifications apart from the dye and a running stitch on the collar, can you spot the bird house on the back?

ended up adding two strips to widen the blouse, and am now thinking: why not make it into a very wide thin djellaba type of blouse, sewing the sleeves on at right angles.....making life less complicated for self...or perhaps leaving it sleevless altogether

the only two red tulips to have survived the digging efforts by himself below



Liz A said…
Such an innocent look in those big brown eyes ... who me?
Love your dye and kantha shirt ... not to mention the stylish green jacket/necklace combo.
As for time flying ... that means you must be having a lot of fun!
Marti said…
Green jackets are truly special and this one is stunning on you Saskia:

For over 5 years, my daughter Shelley and I have had an ongoing love affair with a green suede jacket. The jacket belongs to her and when I first saw it, I told her I was going to kidnap the jacket and take it back home with me. As a result, our tradition, whenever I come to San Francisco, (I stay with my other daughter Erika and her family) is to have the use of the green suede jacket during my stay.It is always waiting for me in the closet. I suppose I could look for one here in New Mexico but somehow, I don't think I would like wearing it as much as I do my special San Francisco jacket.
Els said…
You look great in your green jacket, fits the weeping willow ;-)

Nice things done on the blouses ...
Anonymous said…
now i don't see bird's house o.... yes on the third picture , yes ... that is GREAT ..... a bid smile from ear to ear
you weeping through time like a willow do light and elegant
groetjes M.
Ms. said…
Gorgeous new things and their improvements. Really, you do have the loveliest face, so twinkling, open and welcoming. Love to you...and the two tulips...and of course 'Himself"
Unknown said…
Nice solution for the blouse!
Actually, your jacket is green and mine is beige: faded?
Mo Crow said…
love the pared back sense of colour and line and how it reflects your subtle landscape in everything you do Saskia
grand daughter and i were on line and
i was telling her where to look and
to click on The Gang so she could
meet them and Bird King et al and
it DOESN'T CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ALWAYS love your clothes...you are
so so Cool.
Saskia said…
no it doesn't click, will locate the photo 'later' and post it sometime soon!

am off to sunny Greece in the very early hours of Sunday Morning, a week in the Sun with the family-on-my-side....we're all looking forward to this holiday

i hope i get back into a regular posting/commenting rhythm once i've returned...certain things are muddled, maybe a vacation is exactly what i need to get the mind (and heart) sorted
Julie S said…
You love in Holland and only have two tulips?????
Anonymous said…
Have a wonderful trip! I saw the birdhouse, and love it... also really am taken with the stitches on the color... wonderful work, as usual.



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